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May 08, 2007



Hej Andrew
Tusinde tak for interviewet. Du og Rasmus kom med rigtig mange gode betragtninger, som vi nok skal få glæde af i vores bestræbelser på at lave det perfekte speciale. I får selvfølgelig diamanten, når den er blevet skåret til og pudset op:-)


As Jakob wrote you made some interesting points that we definately can use for our work.
Actually I agree with everything Jakob wrote. So this comment is perhaps a bit redundant. But I want the prize so I'm leaving a comment of my own.
- Kirstine


Hi Andrew,

I, came to your blog through John Grant's, and since i'm in the parameters of Copenhagen Adland like yourself, I thought I would leave you a comment and say, I think you guys have a nice blog around here.

I've had one myself for a long time, but haven't been up-dating it much lately.


Anyway you guys should stop by next time we have a Likemind coffee morning here in Copenhagen.



Andrew Smart

Thanks for the comments so far. I am preparing the tombola.



Not getting comments on your blog is actually quite frustrating. So here's one, and a thumbs-up too ;)

I really like the message you convey about your company's values and methods on your site.

God vind!

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