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April 09, 2007


Charles Edward Frith

That's brilliant that is. At JWT they talk about time being the new currency which is exactly what you're talking about here. I don't need more 'stuff' in my life and neither do most people I know. I also have enough time to share for other things but there's a list as long as my arm of stuff I really should be taking care of for myself right now, instead I procrastinate on them. OK, so this is going off at a tangent but earlier today I was listening to some F.T. podcasts about mundane jobs by Lucy Kellaway. I'll dig it out if you like, but the main point was that all those things that we put off over and over again, are in actual fact not so bad when we finally tackle them. If it's not so hard for ourselves then it wouldn't be excessive for others to solve either - through a gift.

It strikes me that there are a bunch of things that we don't like to do but that others might well be willing to exchange their time for. A few hours here or there rather than buying another useless item (today's "unneccesary gift of the year" spotted on the high street - an indoor remote helicopter - I kid you not)

What's the point? Rather than buying stuff maybe there's a way to pool time through social media (or socialist media as I like to call it) Surely it's possible to accumulate and donate 'time' points in a sort of 'Christmas Rejecting' barter system between a group of like minded people?

If time is our currency, we may not necessarily have no problem solving a task for someone but through socialist media we may know someone who knows someone.

Pleased to meet you :)

Andrew Smart

Thanks for the comment Charles.

I mailed back and forth with John Grant on this one. I think it's something we should make happen. I'm up to my ears in other stuff right now but I will be giving this some more thought.

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